New CEWN funding success

20140430113038.m2ts.Still001Delighted to announce that Leah has been successful in her latest funding bid to work with special need teachers from Exeter House School and AnalysisPro! ProEngagementCoding will be developing new work and templates from our first collaboration with the project ProFoundCoding. The group will be seeking to extend their reach by designing a series of templates and to begin evaluations of the templates in action, a call for some volunteers will be going out soon!


Digitizing and archiving Seminar at Aberystwyth. 01st July 2013

CARIAD’s research assistant Leah Mc Laughlin joined Prof. Jeffrey Jones and presented at the digitizing and archiving seminar at Aberystwyth yesterday Representatives from Bath Spa, Cardiff Met and Aberystwyth School of Art met to discuss the wide range of challenges and debates surrounding the digitizing and cataloguing of traditional archives, but in particular new media like moving-images, online platforms and social networks. The event sparked many debates regarding the interpretation of moving-images in research, the death of celluloid film and the philosophy of re-enactment on film. CARIAD are looking forward to more future collaborations with Moira Vincentelli Director of the world renowned Ceramic Archive in Aberystwyth, in order to facilitate ways of appraising the archive and developing ways of cataloguing and interpreting visual data.