Students at all levels are benefitting from observing the interdisciplinary approaches and participatory techniques used by CARIAD as well as the benefits of working in the real world in order to creatively address major challenges that face society today.

MRes CARIAD Research offers all students a rich and challenging environment for them to engage with issues of social, cultural, economic and political significance through applied art and design research. The MRes CARIAD Research programme offers potential researchers the opportunity to specialise and collaborate on externally funded and accredited inclusive, responsive and participatory arts projects, supervised by our team of expert practice-led researchers. For details on the application process for the MRes, please follow the Art & Design – MRes link


To arrange to meet a member of the CARIAD research team please email Professor Wendy Keay-Bright: with a brief summary of your research interest.

Approaches used by CARIAD researchers have become embedded in the undergraduate curriculum in the School of Art and Design. For example sustainability and caring, design for the future, the use of technology and human computer interaction in a range of disciplines including Graphic, Product and Textile design.

Though their active engagement in real-world projects we encourage our students to practice a rigour of ethics and to respond intelligently to the challenges of social inclusion, social innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

To support this we have created a range of presentations, workshop packs and guidance documents that guide students on topics such as sustainable design, designing with people, and being an ethical designer/researcher.

CARIAD is committed to developing new and emerging researchers and is developing a strong cohort of research degree students working across the spectrum of CARIAD. View our PhD student profiles here.