One of our Breaking Bread participants shares some wonderful news!

paralysis_repairFirst Man treated for spinal Injury repair after nearly 40 years of study.  This is the work we have been funding and results we have waiting for. Thank you to our loyal supporters who have travelled this road with us, in the search for a repair treatment.

This is the first Man to have the treatment which will open the door to the possibility for others if we just keep the funding coming.

As you know,  P-A lived his life with big goals and possibility thinking that it might happen even before he was 40 ( strange as he is 40 in April next year). He even hoped to be amongst the 1st to be tested in order to restore his breathing, movement and sensation. Sadly he is not here but wherever he is he will be asking us to drive forward with this to make this available to restore for all who need it.  Please share the info.

With very best wishes  Gerri & Rob

BBC news today:

Guardian online today:

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