Leah connects with Communities First Clusters across Cardiff

IMG_3723Leah has connected with Communities First Clusters across Cardiff, Splott, Adamstown, Ely and Butetown, to discuss their recent innovations, activities and workshops around food, healthy eating and wellbeing. Long term CARIAD are seeking to establish a series of new evidence based community ‘activities’. These will explore recent innovations in games, street games and immersive interactive experiences (pioneered by Breaking Bread) creating sustainable, community designed and led interventions which bring communities together, creating new volunteering and employment opportunities, empower individuals and give access to new ideas, people and services.

Leah has attended two of the newly emerging activities, ‘get cooking’ and ‘cooking on a budget’ run by the Ely Hub in Cardiff and got to spend some time seeing the ways CARIAD can help to develop some of these new services.